Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to use UReserv?
All you need to use UReserv is an access to the Internet.
How much does UReserv cost?
Ureserv is free for all restaurant customers.
How do I make a reservation?
Customers can reserve a seat from the UReserv website, a mobile phone, as a walk in or by phone.
Why should I use Ureserv?
Ureserv provides the ability to search based on your exact location, and to view restaurant availability, special daily deals or events at the restaurants you choose. Ureserv will give you the ability to pre-purchase restaurant specials and to get invites to special events. When you login to your Ureserv account, you will be able to view the daily deals at the restaurants you frequently visit, as well as suggestions about new places or events to try out.
How will UReserv notify me about my reservation confirmation?
UReserv will notify customers through text message or email. Customers will be notified when a party is registered in their name, and when a reservation is changed or cancelled.
Can I reschedule a reservation?
Yes, you can reschedule a reservation using the reschedule option.
How can I track my past and future reservations?
Login to Ureserv and view your reservation history under your personal profile.
How do I have a favorite restaurant list?
Login to UReserv and view or add your favorite restaurants using the favorite under your personal profile.
Can I view my Ureserv favorites on FourSquare Twitter or Facebook?
Yes, we provide you with the ability to be an insider at your favorite spots using our direct connections to FourSquare Twitter and Facebook.
Can I use Ureserv system to update my FourSquare location?
Yes, we provide this direct access once you have arrived at the restaurant for your reservation.
Does Ureserv have a mobile app?
Yes, it is in progress and we hope to have it launched soon.