Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to use URESERV in my restaurant?
All you need is access to the internet. You can use a computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smart phone.
How much does UReserv cost?
There are no upfront costs or fees for you to start using UReserv, you only need internet access. Once you are set up, UReserv charges a monthly $60 fee per restaurant, irrespective of the number of users. For more information on UReserv please contact us at
What does it take to get up and running?
Go to and register as a restaurant. Fill in the required information, layout the floor plan, and schedules. You can start using our website to manage your restaurant immediately after a quick approval from us.
If you would like, email your floor plan and desired schedule to We will get you setup and running in no time!
What kind of training is required?
The UReserv reservation system is easy to use. In case of difficulty, UReserv support is always a phone call or an email away.
How is the system set up and managed by the restaurant?
Setting up a restaurant is a four step process: build your profile, layout your floor plan, define your schedules, inventory and payment for a month. Our system will lead you through the steps.
How many restaurants can be added and will there be any price change?
You may add as many restaurants as you like but each restaurant will need separate verification and monthly subscription fee. Contact us for our pricing policy.
How do I pay for my monthly subscription?
You may pay through our secure payment gateway using your credit card. Please call us for other available options.
How do customers reserve?
Customers may reserve a seat from the UReserv website, the member restaurant website widget, the member restaurant Facebook Fan page widget using a web enabled device, walk in or by phone. Ureserv supplies member restaurant web developers with website and Facebook Fan page reservation widget code.
What if your system crashes?
The beauty of UReserv is that it's web-based, so your restaurant can be accessed from any computer. If your computer fails or crashes, you can log in from another machine, or even from a smart phone, so that you're up and running in no time!
How will UReserv notify customers about their reservations?
Customers are notified through email or SMS moments after the member restaurant receives their reservation, cancellation or reservation change.
How does the UReserv system work?
Our system enables member restaurants to manage reservations in real time including tracking guests contact information, seating guests on tables, tracking the progress of a dinners meal with status labels like ready seated, desert, and check. Soon we will add a waiting list and text a waiting guest feature. Reservations may also be cancelled, rescheduled and notifications will be sent accordingly. Customers may book a seat from your website, Facebook Fan page, UReserv website or any third party system we are partner with.
May I add employees for my restaurant?
Yes you may add employees and give them a role for which you will define permissions.
what is reservation desk?
Reservation desk holds your reservations and most of the day to day operations an may be accessed using any web enabled computer, device or smart phone.
Where can I see all my reservations?
All reservations may be viewed by pressing the Reservation List, Book View or Reservations view. Reservation desk has three guest and inventory view tabs: Reservations, Slots and Overbooked.
I have a big party that has booked the floor, how do I stop customers from making reservations?
Using the freeze function you can stop online reservations. You can also freeze future dates in case you are closed or hosting a private party.
What are the different statuses I can change the reservation to?
A new reservation will be shown in the reservation tab. Once seated (red) the reservation flows through different statuses like Partially Seated (pink), Dessert (yellow), Check (green) and when the guests have departed Available (white).
How can I accept a walk-in reservation?
On the reservation desk, click on the link "Make reservation". Fill in the required information, select a slot and make the reservation.
How can I see a list of reservations I already attended to?
Through the reservation report, a user can have a look at the set of reservations across days and different status.
Can I reschedule a reservation?
Yes. Restaurants can reschedule a reservation using the reschedule option.
How can I cancel a reservation?
Restaurants can cancel a reservation any time before a party is seated. Click on any reservation and use the cancel option.
What happens once the party is seated?
When the party is allocated a table, the reservation flows through to Dessert, Check and Available.
How can I block a reservation?
Block and clear blocked slots using the chart on the Slots tab.
I want to block tables for a particular party?
Use the multiple block feature on reservation list. Click on the checkboxes and click block.
Once the party has arrived, how can I unblock a reservation?
When you have the party at restaurant for whom you have blocked a table, just click on the blocked reservation (it will be in blue color) and say reserve. Enter the party details and get them seated.
How do we manage a reservation for a large party?
You can put the party in overflow. This requires an extra authentication to avoid unwanted overbooking. Each restaurant has a unique overflow password.
I did not get an invoice from UReserv?
Contact support for a copy of invoice.
I want to have a contact list?
Using manage contacts you can add as many contacts as you'd like. You can also put them in groups. This will be used for future notifications.