Chalkboard Widget for Restaurant Specials

Use this URESERV tool to create "impulse buys" that appear to the customer as they make their online reservation. Whether selling the chef's latest cookbook or advertising the restaurant's custom homemade birthday cakes, t-shirts, hats, etc., visitors will have the option to "shop" as they make their reservation, thus providing an additional revenue stream before the guest even walks through the door.

The Widget feature can also be used similar to a "Daily Specials" chalkboard - to disseminate information such as free parking, a dinner and a movie special or any other specific restaurant programs. With URESERV, restaurants can create their own "group deal-type" sites that are marketed directly to their customers while retaining all of the important information that corresponds with this process.

Keeping Your Guests Informed

  • Advertise special offers
  • Promote retail items
  • Post daily specials